Features of BullionPAY

1- BullionPAY is 999.9% Gold based Digital Gold Token on Waves Platform.

2- BullionPAY valuation is equal on 0.0001g GOLD.

3- BullionPAY is a micropayment token,can spend minimum 0.01 Bullion

4- Send and recieve bullion with peer to peer transaction.

5- Connecting to e-commerce platform ( Coming soon )

6- 0.01 BullionPay transaction fee on every transaction.

7- Trade BullionPAY on Bullion Market as Payment tokens ( Future Project )

8- Trade BullionPAY with Bitcoin, Waves, USDT and BTS

9- Buy physical gold and silver with BullionPAY ( Coming Soon ).

10-No trade with any country’s local / fiat currency .

11-Only allow peer to peer trading with Bitcoin, Waves, USDT and more cryptocurrencies.